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  • Accuprec Research lab Pvt. Ltd. is founded on 9th August 2012 with an objective to provide research and development solution in the segment of Pharma, Bio, Food and Medical device.
  • Accuprec has started In House R & D activities of Accuprec Research Lab (IHRD-ARL) from 1st August 2013.
  • Currently the company has established Phase-1(2016-2017) of state of the art research facility for contract research in 18,000 sq. ft area and In-house R&D center in 5,000 sq. ft facility opposite to Zydus Pharmez, Changodar Bawla highway, Post: Matoda, Ahmedabad. In Phase-2 (2017-2018), company is going to set up expanded contract research and In-house research facility with additional construction of appx. 80,000 sq. ft.
  • Company comprises of fully equipped laboratory with high-tech advanced instruments and highly qualified technical personnel to carry our Research and Development activities in varied areas.
  • In-house R&D unit of Accupec is engaged in the area of new product development, Formulation & Development, Nanotechnology & Biotechnology based product and medical device development, Analytical method development and like, thereby transforming discoveries into the highest quality therapeutic products.
  • So far at Accuprec, we have developed 11 polyherbal formulations which are patented and five of them are also commercialized.

Formulation & Development

  • IHRD-ARL undertakes formulation development of Pharmaceuticals ranging from immediate release formulations for oral administration to alternative dosage designs and controlled release formulations, aided by state-of-the-art technology and equipments. Formulation designs include Ethical Products.

  • Pharmaceutical Formulation Development

  1. Solid oral
  2. Topical dosage form
  3. Parenterals

  • Activities involved

  1. Literature Information & Primary Patent Status Evaluation
  2. Preformulation study
  3. Prototype Formulation Development
  4. Packaging Development
  5. Scale-up of selected Prototype Formulation
  6. Process Optimization
  7. Process Validation
  8. Manufacture of Exhibit/Bio-batch
  9. Bio-Equivalence Study
  10. Product Development Report
  11. Documentation in CTD Format
  12. Technology Transfer
  13. Stability Study