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  • Accuprec Research lab Pvt. Ltd. is founded on 9th August 2012 with an objective to provide research and development solution in the segment of Pharma, Bio, Food and Medical device.
  • Accuprec has started In House R & D activities of Accuprec Research Lab (IHRD-ARL) from 1st August 2013.
  • Currently the company has established Phase-1(2016-2017) of state of the art research facility for contract research in 18,000 sq. ft area and In-house R&D center in 5,000 sq. ft facility opposite to Zydus Pharmez, Changodar Bawla highway, Post: Matoda, Ahmedabad. In Phase-2 (2017-2018), company is going to set up expanded contract research and In-house research facility with additional construction of appx. 80,000 sq. ft.
  • Company comprises of fully equipped laboratory with high-tech advanced instruments and highly qualified technical personnel to carry our Research and Development activities in varied areas.
  • In-house R&D unit of Accupec is engaged in the area of new product development, Formulation & Development, Nanotechnology & Biotechnology based product and medical device development, Analytical method development and like, thereby transforming discoveries into the highest quality therapeutic products.
  • So far at Accuprec, we have developed 11 polyherbal formulations which are patented and five of them are also commercialized.


New Product Development

IHRD-ARL has developed so far 11 patented poly herbal formulations for various chronic diseases. Out of these five formulations technology was licensed out to one Ahmedabad based company to market these 5 products in 13+ countries of the world.

Now, IHRD-ARL is planning to launch these 5 products with its own brand name as under from April-2017.

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Product developed and ready for direct commercialization











New Process Development

  • To develop a cost effective and efficient process for glabridin extraction
  • Extraction of glycyrrhizic acid for the formulation of nutraceutics
  • Method validation and development of various API like: Pregabaline, Quetiapine, Methylparaben, Sodium Methylparaben, Sodium propylparaben, etc.
  • Formulation of veterinary feed supplement containing glycinated minerals.
  • Improvement in existing production process(s): 7 Products are under development stage.